How to change behind-the-ear hearing aid batteries

Review the step-by-step diagram below to learn how to insert a new battery in your behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Due to the coronavirus, please wear gloves before changing batteries.

  • insert-the-battery-in-behind-the-ear-hearing-aids-step1

    1. Remove

    Fully open the battery drawer. Remove the battery.

  • insert-the-battery-in-behind-the-ear-hearing-aids-step2

    2. Uncover

    Remove the sticky label from the + side of the new battery.

  • insert-the-battery-in-behind-the-ear-hearing-aids-step3

    3. Insert

    Insert the new battery into the battery drawer. Make sure the + side faces up.

  • insert-the-battery-in-behind-the-ear-hearing-aids-step4

    4. Close

    Close the battery drawer. The instrument will play a jingle through the earpiece. Hold the earpiece close to your ear to hear the jingle.

insert the battery tip multitool magnetTip: The MultiTool can be used to change the battery. Use the magnetic end to remove and insert batteries. The MultiTool is provided by your hearing care professional.

If there is any moisture on the battery surface, it should be wiped off before use. When you change the battery, it will take a few seconds before the battery begins to work.


Watch how to change the battery in a behind-the-ear hearing aid:

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Hearing aid batteries

There are four standard sizes of batteries used in hearing aids, and each has its own color code on the battery package. The battery size you should use is given in the hearing aid’s instructions for use.

Contact a hearing care professional to find out how to get the right batteries for your hearing aids. Your hearing care professional can provide you with the MultiTool, which makes it easy to handle the batteries as well as clean the hearing aids.

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