How to test and change hearing aid batteries

When is it time to change the battery?

Typically, a battery will keep a hearing aid powered for three to ten days before it needs to be changed, depending on usage and the hearing aid style.

You may hear a few short beeps when it is time to change the battery. This pre-warning will be repeated at moderate intervals until the battery runs out.

You may hear four beeps; this will be the last warning before the hearing aid turns off. This may happen shortly after the pre-warning or within the next couple of hours.

Once you have inserted a fresh battery, the hearing aid will start up as soon as the battery door is closed. A jingle plays during start-up. Put the hearing aid on immediately, as it might whistle when held in the hand.

When not in use, turn your hearing aid off by opening the battery drawer. This way you save the battery.

Note: A worn-out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of according to local regulations. Remember that batteries and hearing aids should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

How to test your battery

how to test your battery

If your hearing aids turn off, you may wish to check if the battery has run out. There are two common ways to check this: 

With a battery tester

Place the battery on the battery tester surface. Ensure that the positive (+) marking is facing upwards. Slide the battery in the direction of the arrow and read the result on the display.

Without a battery tester

Insert the battery in the hearing aid and close the battery door. Close your hand around the hearing aid and hold it up to your ear. If the hearing aid is squealing, the battery is functioning.

How to change your hearing aid battery

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