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Summer hearing aid care guide

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Summer’s finally here! This means outdoor fun, sunshine, beach days, and more. You might be ready, but are your hearing aids? Your hearing devices need a little extra loving care during the dog days of summer, but don’t worry – just check out our tips in our summer hearing aid care guide!

It gets hot out there and whether you’re at the beach, running errands, or working up a sweat getting your exercise in, your hearing devices are going to get sweaty. Don’t worry – your hearing aids are designed to handle a little bit of perspiration and moisture. Go ahead and wear your devices when it’s hot out. If you’re worried about excessive sweat, wear a sweatband or bandana to catch that extra perspiration.

Afterward, you can place your hearing aids in a dehumidifier or dry box to get rid of the excess moisture, which will help extend the life of your hearing devices.

Although your hearing aids are water– and sweat–resistant, they’re not waterproof, so you shouldn’t wear them in the pool, lake, or ocean. This goes for showers, too. If you’re taking a trip to the beach or the pool, bring along a waterproof case to protect your hearing devices while you cool off in the water. Make sure to always dry off before putting your hearing aids back on.

The warm weather also brings the start of outdoor sports, concerts, and festivals. It’s important to remember that these types of events can be very loud – loud enough to damage your hearing if you’re not careful. You can still fully enjoy all the sounds of summer, as long as you take a minute to protect yourself, and usually all you need are a pair of earplugs. Pop in your earplugs (and this goes for anyone, not just hearing aid users) when you’re around fireworks, parades, concerts and sporting events.

Summer always means applying sunscreen and mosquito repellant. However, your hearing aids don’t need any! Remember to always remove them before applying any sprays or lotions, as these can damage the microphone and battery compartment. Take them out, spray away, wait for the product to dry, then put them in. Don’t forget to do the same when re-applying.

Don’t store your hearing aids in the heat or direct sun, like in your car or truck on a hot day. Even with the windows down, the interior of your vehicle can reach 120 degrees or more in the summertime. Extreme heat can damage, warp, or even crack your hearing devices. Try to keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Going on vacation? Traveling with your healing aids is easy when you plan ahead. Your hearing aid travel kit should include things like a hard or waterproof case, extra batteries or your charger, a dryer, cleaning kit, domes and wax guards, your Oticon SafeLine™, and any other accessories you use every day.

To learn more about Oticon devices and accessories, contact a hearing care provider in your area today!

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