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When should I upgrade my hearing aids?

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Like everything we use, our hearing devices have a finite lifespan. You should consider upgrading at certain times, even when everything seems to be working fine.

Typically, they’ll last about three to seven years, and for some people, even longer. How long a hearing aid lasts depends on how well it’s maintained, the device itself, and general wear and tear.

Most people only start thinking about replacing their hearing aids when they stop working reliably or stop working completely. However, that’s not the only reason you should consider upgrading your hearing aid. Here’s why:

Our hearing tends to worsen as we get older. That means our hearing aids will need to adjust along with us. If you’re not feeling that “like new” performance from your hearing devices, your hearing may have changed beyond the capabilities of your current hearing aids. An upgrade to a new and more powerful platform can give you the boost you need.

Starting a new job? New hobby? Moving in with a new roommate or spouse? Changes like this can put demands on your hearing aids – new sounds and social situations to get used to means more demands on your devices. If you were originally fit for hearing aids based on a quieter lifestyle, any of these situations could create a need for hearing aids with more power and new capabilities.

Advances in hearing technology have introduced a lot of features that weren’t available just a few years ago. You may have been waiting for these extras but couldn’t get them when you were first fit – well, they’re here! Oticon hearing aids are smarter than ever, working with your brain to do a better job of separating conversation from background noise, enhancing comprehension, and reducing fatigue.

Today’s advanced hearing aids are more fun, too. Most can connect easily to all the electronic devices around you — TVs, computers, smartphones, audio equipment and more. And there are more options than ever for size and fit: more colors, completely invisible devices, and newer, more comfortable behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Next time you visit your hearing care professional, we urge you to ask, “What’s new?” You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!


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