Living With a Hearing Aid


Top tips for traveling with hearing aids

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Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or packing for your dream vacation, traveling with hearing aids doesn’t have to be a hassle. Planning ahead will help keep your trip, and your hearing devices, running smoothly. Take the following into consideration next time you’re ready to travel.

After you pack all your clothes and other necessary items, take some time to carefully pack your hearing aid kit. This should include items like the following:

  • Hearing aid case and dryer
  • Extra batteries for non-rechargeable hearing aids
  • Charger for lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids (and an adapter if you’re traveling overseas)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Domes and wax guards
  • Oticon SafeLine™, if you’re planning on outdoor activities
  • Instruction manual

Don’t forget any other accessories you use every day.


Depending on the method you’re using to get to your destination, you might want to consider these other tips.

  • By air: You don’t need to worry about taking out your hearing devices when going through security; go ahead and leave them in unless instructed otherwise by airport staff. Many airports feature loop systems that allow people with hearing aids to hear important announcements more clearly. You can also sign up for text messages from your airline, which will alert you to things like gate changes or delays. Finally, wear your hearing aids on the plane to ensure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • By car: Always wear your hearing devices while driving. You can help optimize your hearing by keeping the windows up to avoid distracting wind noise. Speaking of which, keep distractions in the car to a minimum – meaning no loud music or loud passengers. This allows you to focus and arrive safely at your destination.
  • By public transportation: This is another mode of travel where hearing aid users can take advantage of loop systems. Make your trip — whether cab, subway, or bus — easier by planning ahead. Purchase tickets online and map out your route so you can take your trip feeling confident.


When making your hotel reservation, you may request a hearing-accessible room if your hearing loss requires. Hotels are required to set aside a certain number of rooms equipped with visual notification devices, telephone amplifiers and TDDs. Remember to call ahead if you want to request any special services.


Now it’s time to go have a good time. Hearing loss doesn’t have to hold you back from joining in with everyone else. Whether you’re hitting the trails, the high seas, or just enjoying a laid-back weekend, you want your rechargeable hearing aids to stay powered and charged the entire time.

Our SmartCharger is small, portable, and designed for travel. You get three full charges without the need for an outlet, while keeping your Oticon Real™ and Oticon More™ devices dry and protected. Add it to your vacation list!


If you find yourself needing some help while away from home, use our easy locator tool to find a hearing care provider wherever you happen to be.


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