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5 benefits of EduMic: Helping your child thrive with hearing aids

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Now that your child uses hearing aids, they’re likely experiencing a whole new world of sounds. And their developing brain needs the best possible access to learning and processing information. In noisy classrooms, lecture halls, or the athletic field, they might lose those small details that make the experience so special.

That’s where EduMic comes in. Oticon EduMic provides a variety of benefits that can help ensure your child doesn’t miss a thing. EduMic is a small, lightweight remote microphone system that’s versatile, comfortable to wear, and easy to pair with Oticon pediatric hearing aids. Keep reading to find out what makes EduMic so great!

1.  Helps kids better understand speech from any distance. A study showed significant improvement in speech understanding in a noisy and reverberant environment for students wearing EduMic.* Another study reported that teachers prefer EduMic for its design, comfort, and ease of use over a competing product.**

2.  World-class sound quality. EduMic features OpenSound Navigator™ technology, which gives users the full sound picture in perfect balance. This allows the right sounds to come through clearly, while cleaning up excessive background noise. When your child can focus on the speaker without distraction, their entire experience can improve.

3.  Bluetooth technology. EduMic also utilizes 2.4 GHz low energy Bluetooth® technology. This provides both lengthened battery life and a more stable signal. And EduMic pairs with a wide variety of our hearing aids and devices.

4.  Pairs with an unlimited number of hearing aids. More than one child with hearing devices? You only need one EduMic for every child, tween, or teen with hearing aids in the classroom, athletic field, or anywhere you use the device.


5.  Wind noise management. If your child is an athlete or attends day camp or other outdoor activities, EduMic offers benefits for that, too. Its wind noise management system cuts down on distracting background noise during outdoor sports and play, so your child can focus on the game.


To learn more about EduMic and if it’s right for your child, find a hearing care provider near you.

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