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ConnectLine can be used with Alta2, Nera2, Ria2, Dynamo and Sensei hearing aids. If you have Opn hearing aids, click here.

The Streamer offers a hassle-free connection to a variety of popular entertainment devices, from MP3 players to other audio sources, allowing you to listen to audio books and more. You can connect the Streamer to audio sources so that sound is transmitted directly to your hearing aids in two simple ways:

• As an easy “plug and play” cable solution using a mini jack cable inserted into the Streamer (A) or

• Wirelessly using the Streamer’s AUX selector (B).

Watch how to connect an MP3 player to Streamer Pro using a mini jack cable:

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More support

For more instructions on how to use MP3 players with Streamer Pro and older versions of the Streamer visit our page below:
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Use your smartphone as a remote

Connect to as many devices as you like, each at the sound level you prefer, with just a few taps of your finger. Nobody has to be aware, so you can enjoy social occasions without fuss or distraction. With the ConnectLine App connecting has never been easier.

Connect Streamer Pro to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini or your Android Phone or tablet to control the sound level of any connected device even more discreetly. When you want to switch between different devices you just swipe from one to the other and it’s done. The large volume controls mean you can make adjustments in a second – so you get the sound levels you want, instantly.

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