How to connect your hearing aids to wireless devices

Watch TV, listen to music, use a tablet or computer, take phone calls, or listen in difficult environments. With wireless listening capabilities in several Oticon hearing aids, you can easily connect to accessories and everyday devices for clearer and more comfortable communication.


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Watch TV

With your Oticon hearing aids and TV Adapter 3.0, enjoy TV programs at a volume the whole family can enjoy.

Pair with TV Adapter 3.0

Learn more about TV Adapter 3.0


Listen to music

With Oticon hearing aids, you can listen wirelessly to music from your smartphone or audio player. Your hearing aids become a wireless stereo headset, letting you enjoy high quality music at a comfortable listening level. With an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod®, stream music directly to your hearing aids. With an Android™ phone or other audio players, stream music to your hearing aids via ConnectClip.

Use ConnectClip to listen to audio


Listen to computer/tablet

With Oticon hearing aids and ConnectClip, you can establish Bluetooth connections with your computer or tablet and transform your hearing aids into a headset for listening to high quality streamed audio or have a hands-free chat using a softphone or video call apps.

Connections can be set up directly between the ConnectClip and your device, or use the USB BTD 800 dongle to streamline the Bluetooth connection with your laptop.

Set up your connections


Use a mobile phone

Several Oticon hearing aids are Made for iPhone® devices and easily pair with iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®, letting your hearing aids become wireless headphones for phone calls and streamed audio.

When used with ConnectClip, your hearing aids can also be used with other modern smartphones, enabling hands-free conversations with both iPhone® and Android™ devices.

Use ConnectClip for hands-free calls


Go to a restaurant

In noisy listening situations like restaurants, ConnectClip works as a tiny remote microphone to help you listen more easily. Your conversation partner simply wears the discreet ConnectClip that picks up their voice and sends the sound to your hearing aids, bypassing background noise so you can hear more comfortably.

Use ConnectClip as a remote microphone


Listening in a classroom

In classroom settings, Oticon EduMic provides direct access to the teacher’s voice via a wireless remote microphone. Using 2.4 GHz wireless technology, EduMic integrates with all Oticon Bluetooth® enabled hearing aids, eliminating the need to invest in additional components.

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