Living With a Hearing Aid


Reasons to contact your hearing care professional

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Getting hearing aids for the first time, requires a little bit of patience while your ears and brain adjust to the new sounds.

It might be difficult to know when a feeling or sound is normal and when it’s not. To help you during this time, we’ve listed some common reasons you should call your hearing care professional.

If you experience persistent itching during or after wearing your hearing aids, you could be dealing with a wrong size earpiece or an allergic reaction. Even though our hearing aids are thoroughly tested for allergies, some users can be sensitive to the silicone and acrylic materials commonly used in earpieces.

Sore ears when or after wearing hearing aids can have multiple explanations, all of which would be a good idea to talk about with your hearing care professional. Perhaps the size of the dome needs to be different; the wire in your ear may be too short; or the mold, which is custom cast to your ear, has created a small sore spot. Sometimes a small adjustment is all that’s needed.

You should be able to feel and hear a clear difference when wearing hearing aids. If you don’t experience this, it’s important to contact your hearing care professional to get an assessment. Common reasons you may not hear any difference: plugged hearing aids, incorrect placement, dead batteries or needing a sound adjustment.

If loud sounds make you uncomfortable, this could be a sign of needing a hearing aid adjustment and is a good reason to get in touch with your hearing care professional.

Putting your hearing aids in correctly can make all the difference in how they sound and feel. If you’re not sure exactly where in the ear they should sit – or if your hearing aids don’t feel secure on your ear or fall off too easily – ask your hearing care professional to walk you through the correct insertion routine.

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