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Nils Lofgren’s Story: How Hearing Aids Helped a Musician

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The noted singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band discusses his experience with Oticon More™ and how his hearing aids help him engage better with his music, his work, and everyday life.

As a musician, hearing is one of the most important, if not the most important, things in Nils Lofgren’s life. He describes, after wrapping up The River tour with Springsteen around 2017, realizing for the first time the volume of their live concerts was really starting to bother him. He especially noticed a persistent ringing in his ears as well — a telltale sign of tinnitus.

Lofgren decided the best thing to do was to get a hearing test, which is a smart decision for anyone who feels they may have hearing loss. People regularly exposed to loud noise are especially vulnerable to hearing loss, as Lofgren learned when he found out he had significant hearing loss from all his years performing live music. The good news is that Oticon More offers solutions, and Lofgren saw quick improvements in his hearing and in his life.

In addition to a comfortable fit, Nils appreciates the “clarity and beauty” of sound his Oticon More hearing aids provide. He realizes now that he was missing a whole world of sounds and communication. He makes sure to put in his hearing aids first thing in the morning, even just to walk the dog. Lofgren tells us, “The things I love most — conversations with my wife Amy, talking to my brothers on the phone, connecting with friends — are easier than ever before, thanks to my Oticon More hearing aids.”

Nils also did not realize his hearing loss was making him tired until he started using his Oticon More hearing aids. Before, Lofgren noticed he was often fatigued after busy days or noisy social events, assuming it was normal. However, after being fitted with hearing devices, he is better able to focus only on the sounds and conversations that matter, preventing “brain drain” and fatigue. Now he finds himself with more energy.

Even after being on the road for 52 years, Nils Lofgren looks forward to the future, knowing he can hear everything he needs to. He says he wants to hear and enjoy music for as long as he can and hearing aids can help him do that: “With my Oticon More hearing aids, I am much more excited about engaging with people — not just on stage but in my everyday life.”


If you think you have hearing loss, take our free online hearing test to see if you should get help.


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