Living With a Hearing Aid

Jan’s Story: Loving Your Hearing Aids At Any Age

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Jan Correll, a well-known lifestyle blogger (and fashionista) talks about her experience with Oticon More™ and how improving her hearing health has also improved her life.

Jan was familiar with hearing aids, having helped her mother through the process some years earlier. However, she wasn’t aware of her own hearing loss until finding herself constantly asking her friends and family to repeat themselves. “I was always saying, ‘Excuse me, pardon me,’” she says.

After realizing her hearing loss was affecting her relationships with her husband and at work, she decided it was time to see a hearing care professional who introduced her to Oticon More hearing aids after discussing her lifestyle, needs, and goals. Jan says her life immediately changed after receiving her new devices, describing hearing sounds she hadn’t heard in a very long time.

She talks about not wanting to miss a moment — and now she doesn’t have to. "I pop my Oticon More hearing aids in the charger at bedtime so I’m ready to go first thing in the morning. Throughout my busy — and often long — days, they keep everything crisp and clear!”

Many people resist getting hearing aids, afraid others might notice a bulky device. However, Oticon hearing aids come in a variety of discreet styles and colors to match hair and skin tones. Plus, the Oticon ON app lets you manage many of your hearing aid’s features right from your phone, eliminating the need to constantly handle your devices.

Jan enjoys the advanced technology in a small device provided by Oticon More: "My Oticon More hearing aids tuck neatly behind my ears. No one notices! But I notice the difference in how well I can hear. The clarity is amazing."

It’s not just improved hearing. Jan also notes a better experience listening to music and podcasts, as Oticon More can stream sound directly to her hearing devices, allowing her to enjoy sound and music the way it was meant to be heard.

Jan also found an unexpected benefit to her hearing devices. While doing some research before visiting her audiologist, she discovered that untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, and realizes that her hearing aids can help her stay sharp as she ages.

Oticon More is helping Jan live her best life — whether that’s spending time with her grandchildren, chatting with her husband, working at her consulting business, or trying out the latest fashions. Adding hearing aids to her daily routine allows her to stay engaged and surround herself with the sounds that matter.


If you think you have hearing loss, take our free online hearing test to see if you should get help.


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