Living With a Hearing Aid

Hearing tests – your first step toward better hearing health

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If you’re like most Americans, you get routine checkups every year. You get a physical, your teeth cleaned, and your eyes tested. But do you remember to get your hearing checked? Even if you feel like your hearing is fine, getting regular hearing tests helps detect and address problems as soon as possible. And, the best thing about hearing tests? They’re quick, they’re painless, and you don’t have to study!

Keep reading to find out more and how to take your own hearing test online, right now.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that 15 percent of adults — that’s 37.5 million — have trouble hearing. About 2 percent of adults aged 45 to 54 have disabling hearing loss. This jumps to 50 percent for those aged 75 and over. And, although 28.8 million adults could benefit from the use of hearing aids, many have never tried them. Here are some reasons to reconsider.


Studies show that hearing loss can be associated with a faster rate of cognitive decline. Researchers believe that untreated hearing loss can cause the brain to become overworked and fatigued. Additionally, when people don’t hear well, they tend to avoid social situations, which can lead to isolation and reduced brain stimulation. Proper use of hearing devices can help reduce the risk of “brain drain.”


Even if your hearing is perfect, it’s important to set a point of reference for the future. As we age, our hearing tends to change, and having a baseline helps your hearing care provider monitor any changes over time. This is valuable for early intervention and can catch any changes that you may not even notice yourself.


If you’re already experiencing untreated hearing loss, you may not know what you’re missing! We often hear from happy customers that they forgot the sounds of leaves rustling, birds chirping, or certain musical tones. You might not even realize you’re asking people to repeat themselves. A hearing test can help you evaluate your level of hearing loss and address it right away.


Don’t assume you can’t do anything about hearing loss — you can. Often, your hearing care provider can suggest treatments and devices to support and improve your hearing. Some hearing devices can even help with issues like tinnitus. The only way to find out is through a quick and easy hearing test.


For a quick and easy hearing evaluation, Oticon offers an online test you can take right at home. Although it’s not a replacement for a visit with a hearing care professional, this is a great first step and can indicate if you have some hearing loss. All you need are headphones, a few minutes to yourself, and a quiet space. Click here to start!


To make an appointment with a hearing care professional, use our easy locator tool. Wishing you good hearing health from Oticon!


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