Tips for hearing aid users

Tips for new hearing aid users

Congratulations on your new hearing devices. You are now on the path to better hearing and more listening enjoyment.
At first, many sounds will seem louder than they were before you got your hearing aids, and you will pay much more attention to your surroundings than usual. You will also discover sounds that you may not have heard for a long time. This is perfectly normal and is not because your volume has been set too loud. It is because your brain has automatically adjusted to lower volume and now needs to adjust to a louder input level. After a while, your brain will adjust to this new level of sound and information.

Hearing aids tips for your first few days 
...and beyond

  • Wear your hearing aids for most of the day. You will not get the most out of them if you use them infrequently. 
  • Use them in quiet situations, and in one-on-one conversations at home. 
  • Listen to the radio or TV – start by listening to commentators, as they tend to speak more clearly. Then continue with other programs.
  • Use them in noisier environments such as near a busy road and at your local supermarket.
  • Use the phone. Remember to tilt the receiver edge lightly on your cheekbone and position the phone slightly over the ear close to the hearing aid’s microphone. This will prevent the hearing aids from whistling and give the best condition for conversation.

Being prepared for new experiences

Hearing devices have to cope with everything from moisture and heat to wax and hair care products. To keep them in good condition, follow the guidelines below:

  • To preserve battery life when not in use, open the battery compartment.
  • Always keep your devices clean and dry.
  • Make a habit of cleaning your hearing devices every day. Never use household cleaning fluids, oil or water. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
  • Check the sound outlet of your hearing devices and remove any earwax on a daily basis.
  • Always check to make sure you have removed your hearing devices before swimming, showering or applying hairspray.
  • In the Support section you can find more information and instruction videos for how to use and care for your hearing aids.

Follow-up appointment

Your hearing care professional will probably ask you to come back for a follow-up appointment to optimize your hearing aids. This is to adjust them to your hearing and lifestyle. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions or tell them about any issues you may have had since your last visit. We recommend that you bring a relative or friend to this meeting. They can provide valuable information about your hearing as seen from their perspective.

Caution: Keep your hearing aids out of reach of children and pets!

Hearing aid batteries can be dangerous if swallowed by children or pets. Contact your doctor or vet if a battery or hearing aid is accidentally swallowed.

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    You can connect your hearing aids to your phone, TV, and other applications and be able to adjust their sound to your preferences.

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