Oticon Opn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A: Oticon Opn is compatible with iPhone 5 or later.

A: Oticon Opn is compatible with iOS version 9.3 or later.

A: Phones running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later can work with the app.  Please note that not all devices running Android 6.0 will be compatible. Visit the Google Play Store for more details about compatible devices.

A: The app works on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.

A: The distance can be up to 10 meters, but this may vary depending on variables unique to the specific environment of use.

A: No. There is no Bluetooth standard supporting direct sound from Android smartphones to hearing aids at this time.

A: Yes, we recommend you remove pairings in the phone that will not be used before pairing with a new phone. 

A: Up to eight smartphones can be paired with Oticon Opn. However, in case of an iPhone, only one of the paired iPhones will be able to stream audio directly.

A: You can only pair one Remote Control 3.0 with one set of Oticon Opn hearing aids.

A: Remote Control 3.0 has a TwinLink™ label on the back.

A: Pairings in Oticon Opn can only be deleted via Genie 2 (ask your hearing care professional). In Remote Control 3.0, pairings can be deleted by holding all three keys down for more than six seconds.

A: There is no limit on how many Oticon Opn hearing aids can be paired with one TV Adapter 3.0.

A: Oticon Opn hearing aids can only be paired with one TV Adapter 3.0. If users want to stream from a different TV Adapter 3.0 device, they need to pair again.

A: Pairings can be cleared by pressing the red button on the back of the TV Adapter 3.0 for six seconds.

A: The TV Adapter 3.0 has an operating range of up to 15 meters; however, this may vary based on variables unique to the room where the adapter is used.

A: Firmware 4 for Opn adds the Tinnitus SoundSupportâ„¢ and Speech Rescueâ„¢ LX features, and also includes updates for improved wireless programming and streaming. See our Firmware 4 update for full details.

A: It is not possible to remove pairings from hearing aids. This can only be done by a hearing care professional using Genie 2 software.

A: Yes, both Oticon Opn hearing aids needs to be paired with the wireless device.

A: An Oticon Opn hearing aid can be paired with 10 devices; one connection is dedicated for a TV Adaptor 3.0.


How can I contact Oticon for further help?


Didn't find the answers you needed? For connection questions regarding your mobile phone/electronic device, ConnectLine devices, Oticon ON App, IFTTT and other technical support, you can speak to an Oticon representative by calling 855.400.9766.

For optimal support, please provide your hearing aid model or serial number when calling.