Here you can see which phones, tablets, and hearing aid accessories your hearing aids are compatible with.
Simply select your hearing aids and the device you want to know about from the drop-down menus below.

You can also quickly check streaming compatibility with your phone here.

Hearing aids

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I don’t know which hearing aids I have

I don’t know which hearing aid I have


You can usually find the hearing aid model in these places:

  • On your hearing aids
  • On your hearing aid case or cover
  • On the receipt from when you bought your hearing aids

If you can’t find your hearing aid model on any of these, ask your hearing care professional or audiologist. You will find your nearest hearing centre here.

Mobile device

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Why is my device not on the list?

Why is my device not on the list?


Generally, Oticon strives to be compatible with as many devices as possible. If your device is not on this list, it’s because we haven’t tested it. However, it is still likely to work with our hearing aids and apps if it meets the following criteria:

  • Android OS 8.0 or later
  • iOS 13 or later

Even if that’s not the case, your device might still work, but may not offer full functionality. Visit your app store to download a version of the app compatible to your device.

We always recommend using the latest version of the operating system.

If you cannot use our apps, Oticon ConnectClip makes it possible to control your hearing aids without touching them - and to stream sound from your Bluetooth devices.

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Additional feature

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Direct streaming vs. hands free communication

Hands-free communication allows your hearing aids to act as a wireless headset by also capturing your voice, using two-way streaming. By connecting your hearing aids to select iPhone or iPad devices, you can have hands-free phone or video calls.

I want to stream via two-way hands-free audio
I want to directly stream audio using my hearing aids and phone
Hands-free communication
Direct streaming