Bring the life-changing benefits of Opn™ to your patients

Our most popular hearing aid ever empowers your patients to make sense of speech, focus on what matters and navigate noisy environments like never before. Hearing care professionals agree: Opn is transforming lives. Hear it for yourself.


Sandy Harper

“The Opn technology with OpenSound Navigator™ has given me the confidence that I'm giving patients the best hearing that they're going to experience.”


Dr. Harper finds Oticon Opn a perfect choice for her patients and her practice. Patients enjoy the all-around better hearing and easy connectivity of Opn; Dr. Harper enjoys the confidence of knowing their listening experience will be outstanding.


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Dr. Harper’s patients report that Oticon Opn lets them tune into what's happening on the sides and behind them and yet, doesn’t interfere with their ability to hear what they want to hear. Discover how OpenSound Navigator  provides constant access to all relevant sounds and speech, making it easier for the brain to decide who and what to listen to.  

Learn about OpenSound Navigator



Kelsey Haldeman

“I’ve never been so excited about an advancement.”

“ I’ve never heard like this. ”


As an audiologist and a person with hearing loss, Dr. Haldeman knows firsthand the challenges of finding the right hearing solution. She often tells patients about her own success with Opn, which helps inspire them to try it for themselves. The brightness and sound quality of the open sound experience is a benefit that her patients notice right away!

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Dr. Haldeman’s patients are reporting similar results as expressed by Opn wearers in a recent Opn survey. Sound quality is one of the most important drivers of satisfaction. Learn about Clear Dynamics in Opn, and how, by expanding the input dynamic range, it preserves the integrity of both soft and loud sounds for a better user experience.

See why Opn™ is a new benchmark in user satisfaction


Jeff Grama

“The best thing is looking at the peoples’ faces when they realize ‘wow’ — that is really clean sound.”

Among other reasons, Dr. Grama encourages patients to try Opn™ for the cognitive benefits. Fueled by powerful BrainHearing™ technologies, Opn lessens the load on the brain and makes it easier for patients to open up to the world.

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Dr. Grama understands that it’s important to consider his patients’ overall health and cognition when recommending a solution. He supports the BrainHearing approach that Oticon takes when creating solutions for hearing loss. Lean how Oticon Opn supports the way the brain makes sense of sound in five key areas.

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