Sound quality drives satisfaction

Hearing care professionals and patients rank sound quality as an important attribute in deciding on a hearing solution, and a major contributor to patient satisfaction.

The superior sound quality of Opn elevates the total auditory experience of the wearer — for speech, music, and all other sounds in their world.

Robert Opn wearer and music aficionado

Robert P., Opn wearer and music aficionado


Music lovers love Opn

Opn users agree — nothing can compete with the life-changing power of a dynamic, open sound. Music appreciation is a key need expressed by many people with hearing loss. Learn how Opn is empowering Robert to rediscover his creative passions — and stay engaged in the pursuits that have fueled his life and career.

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Testing Opn on discerning ears

Sound quality for both music and speech is very important to the listening experience of a hearing aid wearer. In a recent study in the Hearing Review*, 10 musicians and 10 non-musicians compared Opn against older technology while listening to music and speech. Naturalness and clarity were judged by both groups as significantly better for Opn, particularly for the musicians.


  • testing-opn-on-discerning-ears-1200x950-figure1a

    Figure 1a. Averages for the 10 musicians using the “old” (red squares) and the “new” Oticon Opn (blue circles) technologies of the on the DOSO subscales.

  • testing-opn-on-discerning-ears-1200x950-figure1b

    Figure 1b. Averages for the 10 non-musicians using the “old” (red squares) and the “new” Oticon Opn (blue circles) technologies on the DOSO subscales.

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*Chasin, M. A novel technique to improve amplified sound quality for both music and speech. Hearing Review. 2017;24(8):32-36.


Velox technologies preserve the musical details

Velox technologies preserve the musical details

Music appreciation is a cognitive process. Specialized BrainHearing technologies work in synergy to deliver high quality, distortion-free sound that’s rich in detail.

A broad bandwidth and wide dynamic range are also key contributors to sound quality for music. Clear Dynamics expands the input dynamic range, processing input sounds up to 113 dB SPL to provide better sound quality without distortion and artifact at loud input levels, while still keeping intact the sound quality of soft input levels.

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Quick and easy music streaming
with ConnectClip

Take your patients to the next level in music enjoyment with Opn and ConnectClip. Now, Opn users can music hands-free in rich stereo sound from their Bluetooth®-connected smartphones. That means music is available anytime, anywhere — at home, in workout sessions, on the go!

Give your patients a dynamic music demo right in your office. Watch this video to learn how to set up Opn and ConnectClip for music streaming.

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