Using RemoteCare through
the Oticon Companion app

RemoteCare, via the Companion app, lets you hold a virtual appointment with your hearing care professional, where they can remotely adjust your hearing aids.

On this page, you can get support with preparing for your appointment, see troubleshooting tips, and read frequently asked questions. You can also download the instructions for use here.

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    System requirements

    Pairing your smartphone with your hearing aids

    Installing the app

    Setting up an account

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  • starting-your-appointment

    Checklist – Before you start

    Important things to remember during the appointment

    Starting your first appointment

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  • troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting – Common issues

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • > System requirements – What do you need for RemoteCare?

    • Oticon hearing aids with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® (i.e. BTE, BTE PP, BTE SP, BTE UP, miniRITE, miniRITE R, miniRITE T, ITC, HS or FS)


    • An Android phone with an operating system of 8.0 or higher OR an iPhone model from iPhone 6s up, as well as an iOS version of at least 15.0 and an Apple ID and password


    • A stable Internet connection: recommended speed 1/1 Mbit/s (check with your provider)


    • An email account


  • > Pairing your smartphone with your hearing aids

    Download instructions for use to learn how to pair your smartphone with your hearing aids

  • > Installing the app

    1: Enter the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Oticon Companion.


    2: Press GET on the Oticon Companion app.


    3: Install the app.


    4: Open the app.

  • > Setting up an account

    To use RemoteCare via the Companion app, you will need to create an account or sign in with your existing user credentials.
    If you already signed up to other Oticon app registered services, you can reuse your credentials to sign in to your account.

    You can create an account either by using your Apple ID, Facebook credentials, Google credentials, or using your email address.


    To sign in with existing credentials:


    1. On your device, on the tab bar, tap More.


    2. On the More benefits screen, tap My Profile.


    3. Tap SIGN IN.


    4. Follow the guidance in the app.


    5. In the You are signed in screen, tap GO TO THE APP.


    To create an account using Apple ID, Facebook, or Google:


    1. On your device, on the tab bar, tap More.


    2. On the More benefits screen, tap My Profile.




    4. Follow the guidance in the app.


    To create account or sign in using an email address:


    1. On your device, on the tab bar, tap More.


    2. On the More benefits screen, tap My Profile.




    4. In the email address field, enter your email address. Tap CONTINUE.


    5. In your email inbox, open the Welcome to our app email you received and click the Verify your email button. You are now directed to a webpage, where you must create a password. In the Password field, create a password. You will use this password when you sign into the app.


    6. In the Confirm new password field, reenter the password. Tap CONTINUE. You will be redirected to a page informing you that your account is ready and that you must return to the app on your device and sign in.


    7. Close your web browser, return to the app, and then follow the guidance in the app.

  • > Checklist – Before you start

    You will need to:


    • Ensure your phone is fully charged


    • Ensure your hearing aids have new batteries or are fully charged


    • Ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection (1/1 Mbit/s minimum speed)


  • > Important things to remember during the appointment

    During the session, please avoid the following:

    • Moving your hearing aids more than 10 feet from your smartphone


    • Turning off your hearing aids (opening the battery drawer)


    • Turning off Bluetooth® on your smartphone


    • Enabling flight mode on your smartphone or hearing aids (long button press)


    • Turning off your smartphone


    • Switching between Wi-Fi and your mobile data


    • Terminating the Companion app or switching to another app


    • Enabling any kind of battery-saving mode on your device

  • > Starting your first appointment

    To begin your RemoteCare visit


    1: On the tab bar, tap More


    2: In the More benefits screen, at the top, tap RemoteCare


    3: On the RemoteCare screen, at the bottom, tap GO TO VISIT.


    4: In the Connect your hearing aids screen, tap CONNECT.


    5: In the following Before the visit screens, follow the guidance in the app and tap CONTINUE whenever prompted.


    6: Please wait for the hearing care professional to enter the virtual waiting room and begin the appointment.


    When your hearing care professional joins the appointment, they will appear on your screen. During the appointment it is possible to turn your own camera on and off, turn your own audio on and off, and write text messages to your hearing care professional.


    When your hearing care professional establishes a remote connection to your hearing aids, the L and R graphics change from blinking to steady green.


    When your hearing care professional uploads new settings to your hearing aids, the graphics will turn orange.


    When the new settings have been successfully saved to your hearing aids, the graphics will turn green again.


    When you and your hearing care professional agree to end the appointment, your hearing care professional will restart the hearing aids by turning them off and on again, and you will hear a jingle.


    Your hearing care professional will finish the appointment and the message ‘Visit ended’ will appear on the screen, tap ‘OK’. You can then begin using your hearing aids.

  • > Connection issues

    • Follow the guidance in the app


    • Try to re-establish the connection


    • Check your own Internet connection


    • If you cannot re-establish the connection, contact your hearing care professional and make a new appointment

  • > The hearing aids are not detected by the app

    • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled


    • Ensure new batteries are inserted


    • Ensure the hearing aids (both L and R) are paired with the phone 


  • > I can only see myself, there is no video stream from my hearing care professional

    1: Let your hearing care professional know that you cannot see them. The hearing care professional will try to refresh the video connection.


    2: Wait for at short while – the video stream may take a few moments to establish.


    3: Press the power button of the phone briefly (do not turn off phone completely) to go on 'standby' for 15 sec. Turn the phone on again and open the app. Repeat if necessary.


    4: If putting the phone on standby and reawakening it does not work, terminate the app, re-open the app, and then re-enter the appointment.

  • > The appointment suddenly ended without mutual agreement with the hearing care professional

    Try to connect to the appointment again or call your hearing care professional.

  • > The hearing aids do not work after a lost connection to my hearing care professional during an appointment

    Open RemoteCare via the Companion app again. The app will check if your hearing aids are functional.

    If the settings in your hearing aids cannot be recovered, please follow these 4 steps:

    1: Ensure Bluetooth is enabled.


    2: Ensure new batteries are inserted.


    3: Ensure the hearing aids (both L and R) are paired with the phone

    Pairing your smartphone with your hearing aids.


    4: Restart the Companion app again and go to RemoteCare. The app will check if your hearing aids are functional. In some cases, the app may go into 'recovery mode' and update your hearings aids with the latest settings from your hearing care professional. Please follow the guidance in the app.


    If the settings in your hearing aids cannot be recovered after the steps above, please contact your hearing care professional.

  • > What if I receive a phone call during my RemoteCare appointment?

    We recommend you decline any phone calls that occur during the RemoteCare appointment.


    If it is necessary to answer the call, answer it as you normally would. When you finish the call, the RemoteCare appointment will continue.

  • > What if my Internet connection suddenly stops working?

    After a short breakdown (under 30 sec), the app will automatically reconnect to the appointment.


    After a longer breakdown (over 30 sec) you will need to manually press 'Try to reconnect' in the app, or end the appointment.

  • > During my appointment, I left the app and then returned to it. Does this have any impact?

    While your app is not active, the hearing care professional cannot see you and will presume you have a connection issue. If you left the app for more than 30 sec, the app will ask if you want to 'Try to reconnect' or 'End the appointment'.

  • > I am having technical difficulties e.g. the video stream is unstable

    This is most likely due to an unstable Internet connection. Try to repeat the appointment with a better Internet connection.


    Need more help?

    Download instructions for use

  • > Are RemoteCare sessions secure (video/audio/chat)?

    Yes, all audio and video channels are encrypted via WebRTC during the session whether you are using a computer or a mobile device. The data channel is also encrypted via HTTPS / TLS 1.2 (fitting data and chat).

  • > Is audio or video saved from RemoteCare sessions?

    No video or audio is stored after a session has ended.

  • > Are RemoteCare sessions secure if I’m using public Wi-Fi?

    Yes, because the sessions are encrypted.

  • > What types of personal data are collected when registering for the App?

    To use the App, you need to create an Oticon account. Account registration requires you to submit your e-mail address and a password of your own choice.

  • > What types of personal data are collected when using the App, and how long is it kept?

    • Your user ID for authentication purposes. We keep your account data for as long as your account exists.


    • Your email address, audiogram, settings of your hearing instrument and data related to the remote fitting session for troubleshooting and service purposes. We keep this data for 90 days.

RemoteCare is not a substitute for an in person fitting of a hearing aid. Providers must schedule in person appointments with their patients to confirm the fitting settings as soon as practical. RemoteCare is not a substitute for clinical judgment and does not make clinical determinations. Providers are responsible for programming the appropriate settings in RemoteCare pursuant to their own clinical judgment. Providers performing RemoteCare services must be licensed in the state in which the patient is located during the RemoteCare session or comply with the appropriate state’s telehealth rules during this global pandemic. It is solely the responsibility of the provider to determine and adhere to local licensing laws.