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Five hearing loss myths debunked

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Over the past decade or two, medical and technological advances have greatly helped us understand more about the nature of hearing loss and how to treat it. However, misconceptions and stigma around hearing loss and hearing devices persist, which could prevent you or your loved ones from getting the help you need.

Check out these five common hearing loss myths and misconceptions, and let us give you the facts. You might be surprised at some of these!

FACT: According to the AARP, 40 percent of Americans with hearing loss are younger than sixty years old. Although hearing loss is often associated with older people, anyone can experience it. Improper use of earbuds, loud concerts, or military service is also associated with hearing loss in individuals of all ages. Wearing a hearing aid doesn’t mean you’re old – it means you care about your health at any age.


FACT: Even mild hearing loss can double your risk for dementia, say experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Further, your ears pick up subtle cues that help with balance and walking, and untreated hearing loss can put you at risk for falls. Hearing loss can also lead to social isolation, and some studies have indicated that low-frequency hearing loss can be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. Hearing health is just as important as your physical health.


FACT: Unfortunately, for many people, hearing loss is a slow and progressive condition. For this reason, early intervention is key for the most successful outcome. Even mild hearing loss can affect your daily life, even if you don’t notice right away. And the sooner you address your hearing loss, the better chance you give your brain to re-learn how to process and manage sounds more easily.


FACT: Hearing aids and devices have come a long way! You might remember them from the past being large with few options to choose from, but not anymore. Today’s hearing devices come in a wide range of solutions, models, styles, and colors – for children, teens, and adults. And, our solutions take advantage of current technologies to offer accessories like smartphone integration, rechargeable devices, Bluetooth® connectivity, and more.


FACT: We can help you find one! Now that you’re ready to get started on your hearing health journey, visit our Hearing Center Locator. All you need to do is type in your address or zip code, and we’ll show you the closest hearing care professionals near you.


Oticon’s diverse product family of hearing solutions offers the opportunity for better hearing health – for everyone. Find out more by contacting a local hearing care professional today.


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