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Keeping your hearing aids clean

A hearing aid consists of several parts, most of which should be cleaned and maintained regularly. For instructions on how to clean a hearing aid, please select your hearing aid style:

Advice before cleaning

As a general rule, clean your hearing aids and ear pieces each day with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your aids. Do not use water, cleaning fluids, solvents or alcohol, as these could damage your hearing aids.

The microphone inlets can become easily blocked. If you are having problems with your hearing aids, check that the microphone inlets are not blocked.

Before handling a hearing aid, make sure that you will be holding it over a soft surface to avoid damage if you drop it.

Using the MultiTool for cleaning

The MultiTool is a versatile tool that should be used to ensure the best care, cleaning and performance of your hearing aids:

Wire loop


Cover Brush Handle

Replace the brush when necessary. Simply pull it out of the tool and insert a new fresh brush. Press the new one firmly into the handle.

MultiTool brushes can be purchased from your hearing care professional.

Important notice

Use a specialist for repairs and servicing. Never attempt to repair your hearing aids yourself. You may cause more damage, which may be irreparable. Check the instructions for use that came with your hearing aids for more details.

Always contact your hearing care professional if you are having problems with your hearing aids.

Taking good care

Oticon hearing aids are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry. When used correctly, they will improve speech understanding in noisy surroundings and the ability to localise sounds. To take good care of them, avoid exposing your hearing aids to heat, humidity and chemicals.