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New features and updates in Genie 2014.2

Genie has been updated with a variety of new features and enhancements. The following provides a quick overview of these.

New hearing instruments

Please refer to separate materials describing the new hearing instruments, Streamer, and Remote Control introduced by Oticon in the second half of 2014.

Market selection during installation

During the installation of Genie it is now possible to select specific markets to ensure that Genie is optimally configured for your market. Please note that market and language are two separate independent selections. If you cannot find a suitable market please select ‘other’.

Support for FittingLINK

Genie now supports the new FittingLink wireless programming device. FittingLink supports all wireless hearing instruments from Oticon. Please contact your local Oticon representative to learn more about FittingLink.

YouMatic Manager improvements

It is now possible to change profiles in the YouMatic Manager without losing any fine tunings already done in Controls. Relevant sound samples have also been integrated directly into the YouMatic Manager eliminating the need to launch Sound Studio.

Support for the Noah 4 nhax file format

The standalone version of Genie now fully supports importing and exporting the NOAH4 nhax file format.

ASSR import from Interacoustics Eclipse

Genie now supports direct import of ASSR import from Interacoustics Eclipse

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