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New features and updates in Genie 2015.1

Genie has been updated with a variety of new features and enhancements. Below you will find a quick overview of these.

New hearing instruments and acoustics

Please refer to the separate materials describing the new Alta2/Alta2pro, Nera2/Nera2pro, Ria2/Ria2pro and various tinnitus devices introduced by Oticon in the first half of 2015. The new 105 receiver for miniRITE and RITE and the new Grip Tip have been added to the acoustics section.

Soft Sound Perception

A Soft Sound Perception trimmer is new to the control screen and allows you to balance details with the comfort of soft sounds, which can be a particular challenge in modern hearing care. An additional Soft Sound question and Sound file is included in the Personal Profile.

Tinnitus SoundSupport

In 15.1 Oticon is launching a selection of Performance line tinnitus devices. Genie has been updated to support these, and to provide an enhanced fitting experience through the Tinnitus SoundSupport tool.

Automatics Manager

The Automatics Manager consists of two tools: YouMatic and Automatics, now presented in one overview screen with the same display available as on the YouMatic tool.

Special Purpose Programs

In Genie 15.1, Oticon has introduced four new special purpose programs: Home Music, Lecture, Conversation In Noise and Comfort In Noise. These additions create a more efficient fitting process and assists users in challenging surroundings.

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