Oticon Ruby

Made to move

Raising the bar in the essential hearing aid category

Introducing Oticon Ruby, our new essential line of behind-the-ear hearing aids designed to give your patients the confidence they need to live life to the fullest. Oticon Ruby provides the best Oticon sound quality ever offered in the essential category, plus outstanding wireless connectivity and a lithium-ion rechargeable solution. It’s time for your patients to get out and hear what they’ve been missing. Ruby is made to move.



The Ruby portfolio is offered in two technology levels, Ruby 1 and Ruby 2

The Ruby portfolio includes a choice of five fully-featured RITEs and BTEs to help you manage mild to severe hearing losses. Ruby works with standard Oticon accessories and Genie 2, making it easy to integrate into your practice.


miniRITE – small, discreet design with a single push-button

miniRITE R – state-of-the-art lithium-ion rechargeable hearing instrument

miniRITE T – equipped with T-coil to receive audio from public tele-loop systems

BTE – compact, high-performing behind the ear instrument with a double push button for easy operation

BTE PP – a powerful BTE instrument for severe hearing losses