Programming devices

Select from a choice of programming interface devices to meet your practice needs. Noahlink Wireless connects directly to Polaris™, Velox S™ and Velox™ platform hearing aids without cables. Hi-Pro 2 connects to a wider range of Oticon hearing aids, including Velox S and older platform hearing aids, via programming cables.


Noahlink Wireless is the new industry-standard programming device for Bluetooth® Low Energy technology enabled hearing aids. It connects to the PC using a USB cable and to the hearing aids via Bluetooth. Noahlink Wireless can be used with solutions from several manufacturers which streamlines operations and reduces cross talk interference from multiple dongles. This programming device can be used for programming Polaris, Velox S and Velox instruments and can also be used to perform firmware updates to Polaris platform instruments, including Oticon More™. For periodic upgrades to the firmware in Noahlink wireless, you will be prompted to upgrade as needed.


Hi-Pro 2

Hi-Pro 2 is a high-speed programming device that communicates to the PC using a USB cable. Hi-Pro 2 is an industry recognized universal hardware interface that allows ease of programming for all styles of hearing aids. The manufacturer’s proprietary cables are needed to physically connect the hearing aids to the Hi-Pro 2 during programming and fitting. Hi‑Pro 2 can be used to program Velox S and previous hearing aid platforms and can be used to perform firmware updates to Velox S and Velox platform hearing aids.