The open sound paradigm continues to expand

Now there are even more reasons to choose Oticon Opn™

New Opn styles and features available June 2017

Open up to new styles

Get ready for a rechargeable miniRITE option, plus two new styles, miniRITE-T and BTE13 PP, available in three performance levels.

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Oticon Opn is rechargeable!

Turn any patient’s Opn miniRITE into a rechargeable device by upgrading to a special ZPower battery door.

Easy and convenient: ZPower provides a full day's use with one overnight charge and eliminates the need to change batteries.

Maximum flexibility: the 312 rechargeable batteries can be exchanged with disposable batteries if your patient forgets to charge them overnight.


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Telecoil technology meets open sound

miniRITE-T (Telecoil) folds telecoil technology and a double push button into the sleek design of a miniRITE.

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Open sound in a power instrument

BTE13 PP (Plus Power) delivers the power required to meet the needs of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss and also adds other practical features like a t-coil, a double push button and an optional LED indicator.


Open up to new features — for a wider range of patients

New Opn features are designed to help more patients overcome challenges, make better sense of speech, and alleviate symptoms of tinnitus. These benefits allow you to expand the benefits  of Opn to more of your patients.

man experiencing Oticon Opn Tinnitus SoundSupport_1200x788

Powerful tinnitus relief

Tinnitus SoundSupport™ — in all Oticon Opn styles and performance levels — offers a variety of relief sounds, including popular ocean-like sounds that can be customized for each patient.

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More speech details than ever before

Speech Rescue™ LX — available in all Oticon Opn styles and performance levels — increases access to speech by rescuing speech cues that would otherwise be inaudible.


Give teens the confidence to be themselves

With its lightning fast connectivity and discreet profile, Opn delivers the performance and capabilities that help teens navigate peer-to-peer conversations and stay engaged.


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Share the benefits of Opn

We’ve expanded the Opn line — while still incorporating the same great features and benefits that already make Opn an exceptional hearing solution. Learn more about the advanced technologies that fuel every Opn solution — and better support how the brain naturally makes sense of sound. 

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