Fitting tips

  • Hearing Loss and Human Connection

    2. April 2019

    A few years back, two different research papers came out in Sweden that, when viewed next to each other, provide a really interesting story about the effect of hearing loss on human interactions.

  • Getting the Most Out Of the COSI

    22. January 2019

    In the mid 1990s, the staff from the National Acoustics Lab (NAL) in Australia developed one of the most effective and well-conceived questionnaires in our field: the COSI (the Client Oriented Scale of Improvement). Up to that point in time, the outcome questionnaires that we were using consisted of perhaps dozens of items that may or may not have been relevant to the individual hearing aid user.

  • What are realistic expectations?

    1. December 2018

    It is quite common to state the importance of establishing realistic expectations for the newly fit patient. And that makes sense, but what are those expectations? Patients are looking for help. Professionals know that amplification can provide significant assistance, but no set of hearing aids is a perfect solution for sensorineural hearing loss.

  • The Seven Year Mythology

    18. June 2018

    How much time elapses between when an adult first notices hearing difficulties and when he/she visits a hearing professional for the first time? The answer to this question is well known amongst hearing care professionals: seven years. But is that the end of the story?

  • When do fittings stick? When do they fail?

    14. March 2018

     The answer to both questions is “sooner than you might think.”

    A few years ago, we took a look at these two questions with first time users. We were interested in understanding what happens during the first month of use for someone new to amplification.

  • Problems in noise: Where do you begin?

    23. January 2018

    Although hearing aids have gotten better and better as the years have gone by, it is still not unusual for a patient to follow up reporting continued struggles in complex, challenging environments. Where do you begin?

  • The most important fine tuning advice: Time

    1. October 2017
    We all want patients to be satisfied with fittings. The first-time user is in an especially sensitive period right after the initial fit and it is important not to overcorrect or fix non-problems before the patient has adjusted.
  • Which signal processing systems matter the most?

    1. September 2017
    Within the Oticon product line, especially within the Opn™ products, there are variety of signal processing routines designed to manage the sound provided to the patient. But three stand out as being most important to overall patient benefit.
  • Where do our prescribed values come from?

    1. August 2017
    The prescribed gain values we show in our Genie fitting software are based on a variety of factors. Learn them here.
  • Audibility

    15. June 2017
    There is no doubt that one of the effects of hearing loss is that some speech cannot be heard by the patient. One of the fundamental purposes of amplification is to make sure that speech is audible to the patient. But the situation obviously is more complex than that.
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