• Geographic Distribution of the Hearing Aid Dispensing Workforce: A Teleaudiology Planning Assessment for Arizona

    22. February 2019

    Want to better understand Telehealth in Audiology? Here’s a great overview on where the field is and where it might be going.

  • Measuring the Impact of Tinnitus on Aided Listening Effort Using Pupillary Response

    1. December 2018

    Tinnitus can have serious impact on a person's life and is a common auditory symptom that is especially comorbid with hearing loss.

  • An interesting insight into how the brain and auditory system compensate for noise in loud environments

    2. April 2018

    Noise exposure can lead to hearing loss and multiple system dysfunctions. Herein, we propose that our hearing organ could serve as a noise eliminator for high intensity noise and enhance acoustic signal processing abilities by increasing the signal-noise ratio.

  • The importance of communication and social interaction

    6. December 2017
    As the holiday season approaches, we cannot forget about the importance of communication and social interaction, be it at home, at gathering places, or a random pleasantry on the street.
  • We know that gender differences exist, but how does alcohol affect hearing thresholds in women more than men?

    10. October 2017
    Hearing loss is a global public health problem with a high prevalence, significantly impairing communication and leading to a decrease in the quality of life. 
  • What are the impacts of different types of sensory impairments?

    14. September 2017

    Impaired vision and hearing are common among older adults and have been shown to reduce functional independence and to reduce quality of life. This cohort study investigated the cross-sectional and temporal associations between objectively measured dual sensory impairment (DSI) and retirement from employment.

  • The association between hearing loss, postural control, and mobility of older adults: A systematic review.

    1. August 2017
    Degraded hearing in older adults has been associated with reduced postural control and higher risk of falls. Both hearing loss (HL) and falls have dramatic effects on older persons' quality of life (QoL). A large body of research explored the comorbidity between the two domains.
  • Do you see patients with Hidden Hearing Loss and not even know it?

    15. June 2017
    Recent studies on animal models have shown that noise exposure that does not lead to permanent threshold shift (PTS) can cause considerable damage around the synapses between inner hair cells (IHCs) and type-I afferent auditory nerve fibers (ANFs).
  • A descriptive study of hot aches: A previously unreported winter climbing phenomenon

    7. March 2017
    Hot aches, also known as the screaming barfies in North America, are a recognized phenomenon amongst winter climbers, assumed to be triggered by the reperfusion of cold peripheries which then rapidly progresses to a systemic vasodilatory syndrome. 
  • How much practical knowledge does the typical consumer have about hearing aids, and should they trust the internet?

    1. November 2016

    Thomas Lunner is well known for his contributions to hearing aid research and cognition research. Here, he goes into further detail on the effects of SNR on the processing capabilities of the brain, and how the use of digital noise reduction can be beneficial.

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