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  • Listening to music with hearing aids: Perspectives from Audiologists and their patients

    27. August 2021

    Two studies explored hearing-aid user and audiologist experiences of hearing-aid use and fitting for music in the UK.

  • Beethoven’s Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

    27. August 2021

    To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great classical composer, Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827), we point out how his hearing loss affected him and how the primitive hearing aids at that time helped mitigate his hearing loss.

  • How effective are hybrid (Web & face-to-face) hearing health services? Find out if you and your patients are ready for it.

    2. October 2020

    Globally, access to hearing health care is a growing concern with 900 million people estimated to suffer from disabling hearing loss by 2050. Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health conditions, yet access to hearing health care is limited.

  • Informational masking can be quite tricky. See how researchers found a new approach to measuring IM.

    30. September 2020
    This study aimed to evaluate the informational component of speech-on-speech masking. Speech perception in the presence of a competing talker involves not only informational masking (IM) but also a number of masking processes involving interaction of masker and target energy in the auditory periphery.
  • Hearing difficulties as a result of traumatic brain Injury

    12. September 2019

    Is it 'just' hearing loss? Or is there more to what your patient reports during an evaluation?

  • Hearing protection, restoration and regeneration: An overview of emerging therapeutics for inner ear and central hearing disorders

    28. May 2019

    Want to think outside the box? Check out some up-and-coming solutions for hearing health care.

  • Geographic distribution of the hearing aid dispensing workforce: A teleaudiology planning assessment for Arizona

    22. February 2019

    Want to better understand Telehealth in Audiology? Here’s a great overview on where the field is and where it might be going.

  • Measuring the impact of tinnitus on aided listening effort using pupillary response

    1. December 2018

    Tinnitus can have serious impact on a person's life and is a common auditory symptom that is especially comorbid with hearing loss.

  • An interesting insight into how the brain and auditory system compensate for noise in loud environments

    2. April 2018

    Noise exposure can lead to hearing loss and multiple system dysfunctions. Herein, we propose that our hearing organ could serve as a noise eliminator for high intensity noise and enhance acoustic signal processing abilities by increasing the signal-noise ratio.

  • The importance of communication and social interaction

    6. December 2017
    As the holiday season approaches, we cannot forget about the importance of communication and social interaction, be it at home, at gathering places, or a random pleasantry on the street.
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    Our vision is a world where hearing loss is no limitation.

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