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These 10 to 15 minute films  discuss important information about our fitting products, Genie fitting software and our approach to patient care.  These podcasts are designed to supplement our normal training and educational program of seminars, on-line courses, publications and office visits. Each podcast can be viewed through streaming video immediately or you can chose to download it and save it for later.

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    Fitting tip of the month

    Every hearing care professional has heard patients talk about how tiring listening can be. However, we typically measure speech understanding in terms of whether or not the patient understands the words we present.

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    Article of the month

    Older listeners with hearing loss may exert more cognitive resources to maintain a level of listening performance similar to that of younger listeners with normal hearing. 
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    Professional development tips

    Be Selective – focus in on what type of setting you would like and do not send out resumes to every job possibility. Target your key opportunities so that you will be able to concentrate on getting the job you really want.


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University Program Seminar Series

Oticon’s University Program has been developed to establish and reinforce partnerships with audiology graduate programs across the United States. Our goals are twofold; to be a resource for information on all aspects of the hearing aid fitting process, and to actively participate in the educational process for audiologists.

The On-Site Seminars have been designed with the graduate student and the working professional in mind. The seminars can be custom tailored to meet your educational needs if a topic is not listed in the brochure. Additionally, these seminars can be used as a way to provide a seminar to local working professionals. Our On-Site Seminars include a full range of seminar topics presented by our staff, within your facility.

Seminar topics

Amplification Strategies for Special Populations
Patient Counseling and Multi-Media Tools
Oticon Core Features NEW
Advanced Signal Processing and Noise
Pediatric Hearing Aid Fittings
Recognition of and Reaction to Age Related Hearing Loss
Listening with the Brain
Recognizing and Managing Individual Variability
The Distortional Nature of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Workshop topics NEW

Modeling and Modifications
All about FM and Connectivity
Understanding and Implementing Verification

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  • Oticon's University Program

    Our onsite Seminar Series includes a full range of seminar topics presented by our staff, within your facility

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  • The Oticon Podcast Program

    The Oticon Podcast Program discusses important information about our fitting products, Genie fitting software, and our approach to patient care

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    Learn and have an adventure with Oticon in the Rockies