SafeLine Retention Accessory

Oticon SafeLine™

Oticon SafeLine is a hearing aid retention accessory for virtually any Oticon ear-level instrument, from designRITEs to Super Power BTEs, and designed for use by infants through geriatrics. It’s especially useful for children, teens and active adults involved in high-energy activities and sports.


SafeLine is designed
with safety in mind

Made of hypoallergenic and biocompatible materials, it is the first retention device on the market that features a break-away function enabling the cords to safely snap apart under pressure.

SafeLine for children

Available in 2 models

One for BTE (including Super Power) and a second model that is suited to miniRITE, designRITE and miniBTE hearing aid styles. Each SafeLine package contains two cord lengths for use by children or adults: 17 and 22”. SafeLine is offered as a style-specific option when ordering any ear-level Oticon instruments.

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