Oticon focus on people awards

Meet 12 outstanding people who are helping to change perceptions of what it means to have a hearing loss.

Discover what makes each finalist unique, remarkable and inspiring


Our most diverse group of achievers. They share a passion to make the world a better place, not only for people with hearing loss, but for everyone.
Meet our adult finalists


Our Advocacy finalists share an optimism and a "can do" attitude that inspires and motivates. Read their stories and capture a little of that spirit in your own life.
Meet our advocacy finalists


How can someone so young have accomplished so much? Read the stories of our three wonderful students to see for yourself.
Meet our student finalists

Hearing Care Practitioner

These dedicated hearing care professionals demonstrate caring and commitment that goes above and beyond. Discover how they promote awareness and understanding of hearing loss in their communities and the world.
Meet our hearing care practitioner finalists

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Winners will be announced in November.

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