Oticon, Inc. President Peer Lauritsen Announces Plans to Retire

Somerset, NJ
6 July 2016

Oticon, Inc. President Peer Lauritsen Announces Plans to Retire

Oticon, Inc. today announced that Peer Lauritsen will retire as President of Oticon, Inc. at the end of 2016. Lauritsen will step down from day-to-day responsibilities in July but continue to assist in ensuring a smooth transition.

In his more than 40 years with Oticon, Lauritsen has built a strong platform for continuous growth that consistently creates value for Oticon’s professional partners and their patients. A long-standing champion of the vital role of hearing care professionals, Lauritsen is a respected industry leader known for his unwavering commitment to putting the needs of people with hearing loss first. When Lauritsen joined Oticon, Inc. in 1974, the US business offered only a small selection of analog and power hearing aids. Today, the US is one of the biggest and most important markets for Oticon and offers the hearing industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio.

Lauritsen and the Oticon global leadership are managing the transition process. They have identified a team structure to support the business while the search for a new president with strong leadership skills and experience is underway.

Business Focus in Three Core Areas

The company is well-positioned to ensure a professional and seamless transition. Over the past several years, Lauritsen has developed a strong Management Group that is aligned in the company’s three key business areas: Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience.

“Under Peer’s guidance, the Management Group has gained the skills and experience needed to successfully advance the company's strategic vision,” said Søren Nielsen, President, Oticon A/S. “We are confident that during our transition to a new president, our professional partners and their clients will experience ‘business as usual’, with the same quality products, service and support they have come to expect from Oticon.”

Marketing: Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver, AuD

Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver continues responsibility for the company’s overall marketing strategy, including marketing, advertising and public relations initiatives across all product lines. Oliver, who is a doctor of audiology, will also ensure marketing coordination and alignment with the Audiology and Professional Meetings/Events groups.

Sales: Vice President of National Sales Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence has been promoted to Vice President of National Sales and will continue to lead the national sales force with expanded responsibilities for Inside Sales. He will ensure overall sales coordination and alignment with Vice President of Sales Jim Kothe who continues his responsibility for Oticon’s dedicated Government Services and Pediatric teams as well as for Training and Key Account management.

Customer Experience: Executive Director Rasmus Borsting

Executive Director Rasmus Borsting is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of Oticon’s core customer support and service functions: Customer Service, Technical Support Audiology and Client Systems. Borsting also manages the executive office that includes support functions for the management team.