Newly Updated Supports Consumers on Their Hearing Journey

Somerset, NJ
25 April 2016

The newly updated website makes it easy for consumers to find the information that is most relevant and useful to them whatever the stage of their journey to better hearing. Responsive design, consumer-friendly navigation and robust content provide easy access to a wealth of information on hearing health and hearing solutions delivered in language that consumers can best understand. Whether consumers enter the website from search engines, advertising, emails or social media posts, directs them to content relevant to the area of interest that brought them to the website.

“Visitors spend less time scaling through information and more time on the information that is most valuable to them,” says Stephanie Young, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Oticon, Inc. “ is geared to deliver a full and satisfying user experience. Navigation is intuitive. No matter where consumers are in their hearing journey, our website directs them to the information and resources they need.”

The completely refreshed website features a new modern look and streamlined navigation. Consumers can quickly find the information they want whether they are on a smartphone, desktop or tablet. Long-scrolling webpages are easily readable on mobile devices with no need for clicking or zooming. The long-scrolling format creates multiple opportunities for storytelling, creative visuals and a more immersive overall experience. Website visitors will find a virtual filing cabinet of testimonials, videos, photos, illustrations and hearing health and hearing solution information updated and expanded to deliver an optimized consumer experience.

Improvements extend to the website’s popular Hearing Center Locator that connects motivated consumers to hearing care professionals in their community. Functionality is more logical and intuitive, using an improved locator process for quick and accurate connection to local professionals.

The updated website contains one dedicated section for hearing care professionals that includes a range of in-depth product information, research and audiological support.

The newly updated website is now live.