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Putting on a miniRITE or RITE hearing aid





  1. Place the speaker, with the ear piece attached, into your ear.
  2. Place the instrument behind your ear.
  3. Make sure that the ear piece is placed so that the speaker wire follows the contour of the skin.
  4. If the instrument has an ear grip, place it in the ear as indicated in diagrams 3 and 4 so it follows the contour of the ear.

Instructional video

Watch how to put the hearing aid on the ear:

To watch more instructional videos, select your hearing aid style:

To determine which style your hearing aids are, use this guide.

Left/right ear marking

Hearing aids are fitted to the uniqueness of each ear, which means your left hearing aid is programmed differently from your right. In order to easily identify whether it is the left ear or right ear instrument, colour markings may be applied inside the battery door of behind-the-ear styles:

  • Left: blue dot.
  • Right: red dot.

It takes time to adjust to a new hearing aid, but it does not have to be hard. See our advice on how to get the full out of your hearing aids.