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How to fix common hearing aid problems

Problem Cause Solution
Whistling or howling when inserted Ear wax accumulated Get your ear canal checked by a doctor
Hearing aid is not inserted properly Remove and reinsert hearing aid
No sound Worn out battery Replace battery
Clogged sound outlet Clean sound outlet or change wax filter
Clogged microphone opening Clean microphone opening with a brush
Distorted sound Dirty or corroded battery contacts Open and close the battery compartment several times
Dirty or corroded battery Clean battery surfaces with dry cloth or replace battery
Hearing aid switched to telecoil Switch to microphone signal (M)

If none of the suggested solutions solves your problem, please consult your hearing care professional.

Important notice

Use a specialist for repairs and servicing. Never attempt to repair your hearing aids yourself. You may cause more damage, which may be irreparable. Check the instructions for use that came with your hearing aids for more details.

Always contact your hearing care professional if you are having problems with your hearing aids.

Taking good care

Oticon hearing aids are manufactured with tiny components and intricate circuitry. When used correctly, they will improve speech understanding in noisy surroundings and the ability to localise sounds. To take good care of them, avoid exposing your hearing aids to heat, humidity and chemicals.