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Dome handling

Dome (including Grip Tip) can be used with RITE styles and BTE styles with thin tubes for a comfortable fit in the ear.

Clean the speaker or the thin tube unit on a regular basis. Use the cloth and rub off any earwax.

Replace dome

The dome and Grip Tip should not be cleaned. If the dome is filled with wax, replace it with a new. Grip Tip should be replaced at least every month.

1. Hold on to the speaker/thin tube and then pull off the ear piece.

2. Place the speaker/thin tube exactly in the middle of the ear piece.

3. Push firmly to ensure that the ear piece is fastened securely.


Watch the instructional video on how to change the dome:


Important notice

If the dome or Grip Tip is not on the speaker or thin tube when removed from the ear, the ear piece might still be in the ear canal. Consult your hearing care professional for further instructions.


About domes

Domes and Grip Tip are pre-sized, disposable ear pieces that are placed on the hearing aid’s speaker or thin tube to give a comfortable fit in the ear. Domes range from open domes to closed power domes, both domes and Grip Tips are made of a soft rubber material.

Get domes

We recommend contacting a hearing care professional if you want to purchase extra ear pieces, cleaning tools and other accessories.