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Directionality selectively reduces background noise when you need it most

Oticon’s most advanced directional system employs multiple layers of analysis and processing in order to improve speech understanding in noise.

Our Directionality system only works in situations when it will be beneficial, so it does not get in the way in any other situation. The system analyses the pitch at which noise occurs, the level of noise, the direction the noise originates from, and the type of sounds around the listener.

Free Focus ‒ available in Inium and Inium Sense

Alta features new directionality modes specifically developed to improve speech understanding in groups, crowds and background noise. Free Focus comprises a total of five focus modes that can be programmed to meet your personal preferences and avoid overloading the brain.

Watch a video explaining Free Focus:

How does Directionality work?

Use the interactive demonstration to see and hear the difference Directionality makes:

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Alta2 key features

In oticon Alta2 BrainHearing technologies work together to offer your clients the best sound quality available with access to the widest range of sound and speech details.

This is unrivaled in the hearing care industry.