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The Adaptation Manager enables a smooth transition to better hearing from day one

Wearing a hearing aid for the first time is a sudden change in the sound of the world, and your auditory system will not always know what to do with the new information. If we work hard at it, we can learn what to do and can accommodate the change.

The process is much easier if we “soften the blow” and make smaller, but more frequent changes over a given period of listening time. You have smaller changes to adjust to, and can appreciate learning to listen in small steps, rather than a large leap.

Keeps track automatically

The Adaptation Manager keeps track of wear time and takes the amount of amplification that should eventually be most useful, and divides it into steps that you work your way through, automatically turning up the volume after some listening experience has been accumulated.

All of this happens automatically, so you have one less thing to worry about and accommodate during the process of learning to listen again.

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