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Premium hearing based on premium technology

Oticon Alta will help give you even better listening ability with less effort to help you get even more out of life. Furthermore, your hearing care professional can adjust Alta to fit specifically to your needs and to how you prefer your life to sound.

Personalised sound experience

Have you ever wondered how differently we all perceive the same sounds?

Take two different people – let’s call them Fred and Ted. They live in the same city, they both have grown kids, they are the same age and they even have the same measured ability to hear different sounds. But this is where the similarities stop.

Fred and Ted may seem similar, but they need quite different settings in order to produce the sound each of them need and prefer. Alta solves that problem. When you visit your hearing care professional, he or she will play different sound bites in order to identify the types of sounds you prefer.

Your hearing care professional will then program your Alta specifically for your preferences and the automatics in the system will then combine these settings with the external factors around you to produce the ideal sound amplification.

Core technologies

The technology inside Alta makes it the best listening experience ever from Oticon:

Achieve better speech understanding in difficult situations. Speech Guard E makes it easier for you to pin-point voices, select which speaker you want to listen to and to engage in conversation.

Spatial Sound Premium helps you organise sounds to create an awareness of the world around you and prioritise the sounds you wish to focus on, including speech.

Focus your hearing on what is important with directionality. Alta features five different focus modes, which ensure that you have the best possible speech understanding with the least effort required.

Oticon’s advanced feedback shield gives freedom from whistling and artificial sounds. The feedback shield efficiently prevents howling, even in difficult situations, without compromising the sound quality or level of sound

In all weathers, in all situations, Alta is designed to never let you down. The intelligent mechanical design features several seals to prevent water, dust and debris from getting inside. And all key components are nano-coated to repel water and moisture.

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