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Made for childhood

Children with hearing loss are just as full of life and energy as any other children and of course need a robust and safe hearing solution to fit their many changing needs as they grow from infancy to adolescence. In Sensei Oticon has incorporated many features to support robustness and safety.

Safety comes first

Making our hearing solutions for children robust and safe is our top priority. Sensei is phthalate free, made from hypoallergenic materials, and is IP58 classified which means that it is dust and water repellent.

We are proud to say that Sensei passed every test. As a result, we are fully confident that children wearing Sensei can enjoy an active lifestyle like any other child - full of energy, and full of life.

New improved tamper-resistant battery door

Oticon Sensei hearing aids all have tamper resistant battery doors.

Hearing instruments designed for children must not only be strong, they must also be safe. At Oticon, we do not compromise on hearing performance or child safety. This is why the Oticon Sensei hearing instruments feature a tamper resistant battery door, to help keep batteries out of reach of inquisitive fingers. Our paediatric tamper resistant battery doors have been thoroughly tested and comply with the new IEC60601-2-66 international standard. This means that the risk of infants getting hold of the small batteries is greatly minimised.

Changing batteries with ease and in minimum time

Keeping safety at its highest, Oticon has not compromised convenience when changing batteries. The tamper resistant battery door is easily operated –simply unwind the small lock with the enclosed mini-screwdriver, remove the old battery, then replace it with a fresh one. The small screwdriver provided by your hearing care professional is equipped with a small strap that can be conveniently attached to your key-ring, or anywhere you find useful.

Designed to last

Children are eager to get to know the world. Each child is unique, and every child has changing needs during the journey from infantcy to teenage life. Sensei is built to let your child experience everything the world has to offer. To match the varied lifestyles of children of all ages, we have incorporated features that increase robustness, such as strengthened shell construction, stronger hooks and much more.

Strengthened shell constriction, as well as new and improved access pins and hook.

Real-life testing

To fully test Sensei’s strength and resilience as a hearing solution for children, we created a test setting that mimics real life as much as possible. Sensei has been tested by:

  • Dropping the instruments multiple times from a height of 1.5 m
  • Pushing buttons and turning volume wheels up to 25,000
  • Sliding a robot finger up
to 2,500 times over the surface
  • Opening and closing battery doors up to 25,000 times
Robust and safe for children’s active lifestyle
Safety and robustness
        • Tamper resistant
          To keep batteries away from inquisitive fingers
        • Hypo allergenic
          Reduced risk of allergic reactions from the composites used in instrument construction
        • Nano-coated
          A polymer coating that reduces the risk of water damage to the instrument
  • Drop-tested
    In test conditions the instrument withstood ten out of ten drops from two metres
  • IP58 classified
    Classification for dust and water resistance
  • Phthalate free
    Contains no phthalates compounds