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Teachers want to spend their time on teaching – not on trying to decipher complex FM systems. Amigo transmitters make life easy. Teachers simply turn on the transmitter, clip on the microphone and begin teaching. The transmitters send the teacher’s voice directly to the pupil, overcoming the effects of noise, distance and reverberation that can make it hard for children to hear.

Full-featured educational transmitters

The Amigo T30 and T31 body-worn FM-transmitters are designed for educational purposes. Teachers and audiologists seeking simplicity and reliability will find this with Amigo T30/T31 as they are designed to meet real life demands.

Download the Amigo T30/T31 brochure


Amigo T30 is a body-worn transmitter for use in educational settings. The transmitter also serves as a programming and fitting unit.


Amigo T31 offers the same features as T30 plus built-in Team Teaching. Team Teaching supports natural classroom interaction when there is more than one teacher in the classroom as it sends the voice of both teachers directly to the child’s FM receivers.

Basic transmitters


Amigo T5 is an affordable body-worn transmitter that is easy to use, durable and flexible.

Oticon Amigo FM
FM made friendly

FM receivers are attached to the child’s hearing aid or worn on the body. It receives the teacher’s voice directly, giving clear speech understanding.

Team Teaching

Teachers teaming up want to be heard, and they can trust Amigo to transmit every word. Oticon’s unique Team Teaching technology – featured in the Amigo T31 transmitter – supports natural education by sending the voice of both teachers directly to the child’s FM receivers.

While some FM systems cut one teacher off when the other starts talking, Amigo T31 keeps both voices audible, securing a natural conversation flow.